When our Gas safe engineers attend a boiler breakdown they go through a strict sequence of fault finding process, to diagnose any potential problem with your boiler.

The boiler testing cycle is designed to identify the cause of any faults that may exist. As part of examining the boiler and the connections to it, the engineer will check:

* Fuel systems within boiler
* Boiler/System pressure
* Boiler pump
* Boiler controls (programmers and thermostats)
* Flow and return pipes (to/from the boiler)

When carrying out annual boiler servicing, our engineers carry out a 44 point check to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your boiler.

An annual boiler service is the safe and cost-efficient way to run your heating system, and can have a number of helpful effects:

* Significant increase to the life of the boiler
* Improves efficiency of system
* Early diagnosis of potential problems
* Reduces energy costs
* Saves costly repairs
* Detection of fatal carbon monoxide leaks

Please contact us for any help you may need with your boiler servicing
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